Model tree flowering – 6cm


  • Main material: Wire
  • Scale: O (1:48), 1:50, HO (1:87), 1: 100, N (1:160), 1:200, Z (1:220)

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Important note: On this tree, the trunk and branches are handcrafted from metal wire. Some people prefer this to plastic because it can look more realistic and the branches can also be bent considerably to adjust the shape. COLLECT4 warns you though that wire trees have special safety precautions compared with plastic trees. Please be careful when handling the tree as there may be sharp edges due to the wire construction. Gentle, careful handling will reduce the chance of getting poked! This has never happened to any of our staff but we are playing it safe because we’d hate for you to get a pin-prick from the wire and then have to visit the doctor etc. If you purchase this, it is your responsibility to keep the tree out of reach of anyone who might be unfamiliar with these safety precautions (including all children).

Height: Approx 60mm
Colour: brown, mid green and yellow

Note: this product is for model making purposes and is not a toy.


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